Facing Waves TV host, Ken Whiting, experiences a heart stopping encounter with whales in Newfoundland

Facing Waves NewfoundlandThis week on Facing Waves, North America’s only paddlesports series, host and President of Heliconia, Ken Whiting, experiences the magic of Newfoundland and Labrador, in the form of a breath taking encounter with humpback whales.

Paddling amongst the huge swells that explode against the rocks of Quirpon Island – the most northern point of Newfoundland – Ken Whiting has a spectacular encounter with a humpback whale, which surfaces only a few meters from his kayak in the rolling seas.  “When you’re that close to a whale, there’s a real battle going on in your mind,” Ken explains. “Part of you is screaming to get out of there, while the other part never wants the moment to end.” Read more

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